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When is comes to waterproofing a home, there are many options available. The choice of waterproofing system will depend on your unique situation and the degree of waterproofing needed. There are numerous products on the market ranging from simple sealant to an entire excavation. It is important to choose a complete, multi-step solution that works for your situation.

Ventilation and air purifier systems play a major role in waterproofing a home. It is important to remove excess moisture and humidity from the air to avoid mold growth and odors. EZ Breathe™ is a step above other ventilation systems because it has the ability to actually remove damp air and replace it with cleaner, dry air. Other systems simply recirculate the same stale air without solving the moisture problem.

One of the most important elements of a home is its foundation. Over time a home’s foundation will age and may begin to crack or bow. A failing foundation must be properly repaired and reinforced. Two common foundation repair methods are wall anchors and steel beams. These two methods require tedious installation, take up living space and need regular maintenance. The StabWall™ system from Everdry is different because it is a permanent solution to foundation problems. This solution delivers superior strength, simple installation and zero maintenance.

To fully waterproof a home, you must protect your home from water damage during times without power. Most battery backup systems on the market are not capable of handling large water intakes that can occur during blackouts. The Smart Power™ emergency protection system is the most effective solution to control large water flows. Smart Power™ can also run for days without AC power.

After assessing a home’s unique situation, Everdry experts will determine the best course of action to fix your problem. All of our systems are superior to other waterproofing products on the market.