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Atlanta, Georgia

Everdry of Northern Georgia, located in Acworth, services metro Atlanta and its surrounding counties. More about our Northern Georgia location


Chicago, Illinois

Everdry of Illinois, located in Downers Grove, serves the greater Chicagoland area and surrounding counties. More about our Chicago Illinois location


Greater Indiana

Everdry of Greater Indiana, located in Indianapolis, serves the greater Indianapolis areas, as well as its surrounding counties. More about our Greater Indiana location

Northern Indiana

Everdry of Northern Indiana, located in Ft Wayne, serves the greater Ft Wayne and northern Indianapolis areas, as well as parts of western Ohio. More about our Northern Indiana location >

Michiana, Indiana

Everdry of Michiana, located in South Bend, serves both northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, including the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas. More about our Michiana, Indiana location


Southeastern Michigan

Everdry of Southeastern Michigan, located in Sterling Heights, serves the greater Detroit area and its surrounding counties. More about our Southeastern Michigan location

Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan

Everdry of Grand Rapids, located in Wyoming, serves the greater Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Muskegon areas, and as far north as Traverse City. More about our Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan location

Saginaw, Michigan

Everdry of Saginaw, located in Saginaw, serves the greater Saginaw, Bay City areas. More about our Saginaw, Michigan location

New York

Upstate New York

Everdry of Upstate New York, located in Rochester, serves the greater Buffalo and Rochester areas, as well as parts of Syracuse and southern counties down to the state’s southern border. More about our Upstate New York location


Columbus, Ohio

EverDry Waterproofing of Columbus opened its doors for business in 1983, and services a 60-mile radius of Columbus. More about our Columbus, Ohio location

Cincinnati, Ohio

Everdry of Cincinnati, located in Fairfield, serves the greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas, as well as counties in northern Kentucky. More about our Cincinnati, Ohio location

Findlay, Ohio

Everdry of Findlay, located in Findlay, serves northwestern Ohio counties. More about our Findlay, Ohio location

Toledo, Ohio

Everdry of Toledo, located in Toledo, serves northwestern Ohio, and southeastern Michigan counties. More about our Toledo, Ohio location


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Everdry of Pittsburgh, located in Evans City, serves the greater Pittsburgh area, and counties spread across all of western Pennsylvania. More about our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location


Everdry of Fox Cities Wisconsin

Everdry of Fox Cities Wisconsin, located in Appleton, serves the greater Fox Cities area and its surrounding counties. More about our Fox Cities Wisconsin location

Everdry of Southeastern Wisconsin

Everdry of S.E. Wisconsin, located in Waukesha, serves the greater Milwaukee area and its surrounding counties, from Kenosha to Fond du Lac. More about our Southeastern Wisconsin location