The EverDry System

Everdry waterproofing systems provide homeowners with a variety of benefits that increase the property value of a home. Moisture in a home’s basement or foundation can cause problems such as mold, mildew, musty odor, damp spots and peeling paint. These problems can lead to an unhealthy living environment.

The Everdry Multi-step system is a complete solution that includes both indoor and outdoor systems to prevent water damage and keep water from damaging a home’s foundation.

The Modern Drainage System® is the outside waterproofing system that takes care of surface water and moisture that enters from foundation walls. There are three steps to installing this drainage system:

1. An inspection trench is dug against the outside wall where the foundation meets the dirt.
2. Any cracks that are found are sealed to prevent water from entering the foundation.
3. A drainage system is then installed to move surface water away from the foundation.

The Pressure Relief System® is an inside waterproofing system that handles hydrostatic pressure that exists under a basement. This pressure can cause water seepage leading to discoloration and mold, or to cracks in the floors and walls. The inside system includes a pressure relief pump and piping that releases water in the walls. Coveplate® and Durashield® products are also available if needed.

Ventilation and humidity issues of basements and crawl spaces are addressed by the installation of the EZBreathe® ventilation system.

Power outages and pump failures are resolved by the installation of the SmartPower™ Emergency Pumping System.

We also provide additional services to help protect a home from water damage. These services include everything from free in-home and downspout inspections to financing options available from major banks. Homeowners are involved in each step of the process and can see changes as they are made.

Everdry locations are licensed and insured so homeowners can trust in the waterproofing systems and expertise we provide!

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