Warning Signs

The following warning signs can indicate the presence or beginning of a foundation problem or water damage in your basement or crawl space:

  • Odor present in the basement or crawl space
  • Someone in the house is getting allergies or is sick more often
  • Water is seeping in
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Windows (or doors) upstairs don’t open as easily anymore
  • Downspouts overflow when it rains hard
  • Basement appliances or fuse box is rusting
  • Even though a sump pump is present, when the power goes off- the basement leaks


These signs can indicate that something may be going on down there. The next step is for you to take a look in the basement or crawl space. Look for these things:

Running Water
Water entering low on the walls, at the seam, through the floor or through the walls.
Mold or Mildew
Fungus grows in moisture-rich environments. It causes discoloring of surfaces.
Peeling Paint
Discolored, peeling paint can point to a water problem.
Rust on Appliances or Furniture
Means that you have high moisture levels, either due to high humidity or water seepage into the foundation.
Dry Rot
Appears as brownish-black fungus, usually on wood surfaces. It causes wood to decay.
Foundation Cracks – in the wall
Step cracks follow a block outline. Horizontal cracks usually indicate pressure from outside.
Foundation Cracks – in the floor
Indicates possible pressure that builds up under the floor. Can often see staining around the cracks.
White, Chalky Substance on Walls
This white matter is caused by drying of mineral deposits on walls, commonly referred to as efflorescence.