Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing is one of the best ways to increase the property value of your home, improve the living environment and prevent damaging moisture. Creating a structurally sound foundation will provide peace of mind as well as increase the overall value of a home. Waterproofing is a pro-active step to protect a home’s foundation and reduce the chance of needing more serious repair in the future.

Everdry carries a number of products including:


Waterproofing services ensure that a home is protected from excess moisture that destroys foundations, basement walls and homeowners’ belongings. There are a few options to choose from when deciding how to waterproof your home. You can choose from total excavation, interior systems or a combination of both interior and exterior systems. Each option varies in the degree of labor needed, pricing and length of time needed for completion. Using both an interior and exterior system is a great way to handle both hydrostatic pressure and leaking walls.

The EZ Breathe ventilation system improves the quality of air within a home. This system replaces and cleans the air up to 10x a day removing harmful moisture and humidity. Unlike other ventilators, this sysstem removes the air instead of simply re-circulating moist, stal air like other ventilators. This ventilation system solves problems associated with excess moisture such as mold.

StablWall, a wall bracing and foundation repair system, repairs failing foundations by correcting cracks and bows. These sheets of carbon fiber are thin as a dime (2mm thick), 10x as strong as steel and will not bend or crack even under 10x normal pressure. One of StablWall’s major advantages is that it is virtually unnoticeable when finished and doesn’t take up any living space.

The Smart Power/Emergency Protection system prevents damage to foundations, timbers, appliances and furniture by ensuring that water doesn’t enter your home during times without power. It is important to prepare for power outages since water can enter your home quickly during these times causing problems such as mold.

All of these waterproofing products work together to provide a stable and healthy living environment with protection from water damage, excess moisture and mold growth.