Ventilation & Air Purifier Products

It is important to remove moisture from your home and reduce indoor air pollution. Excess moisture increases mold growth and the lack of proper ventilation leads to the recirculation of stale air. The EZ Breathe ventilation system™ has the ability to clean the air- removing moisture and eliminating musty odors. EZ Breathe™ works better than other ventilation systems because it helps get RID of harmful moisture and humidity while others simply re-circulate the same air. EZ Breathe™ replaces the air in a home up to 10x a day.

How EZ Breathe™ Works

The three key strategies for reducing indoor air pollution include: source control, ventilation and air cleaning. EZ Breathe™ addresses all three to produce cleaner air and a healthier living environment. This air purifier system can help solve moisture, mold and odor problems.

The concept behind EZ Breathe™ is quite simple. Water is heavier than air. Therefore, the moisture within a building or home will naturally gravitate to the lowest level. By creating a small pressure variance, EZ Breathe™ draws contaminated air down into the lowest level and removes it to replace it with cleaner, dry air.

EZ Breathe™ is trusted by many hospitals, mold remediators and environmentalists. EZ Breathe™ is superior to other systems because it:

  • Removes unclean air instead of simply hiding the moisture problem
  • Costs approximately $4/month to run compared to dehumidifiers that can cost $30/month
  • Requires no maintenance after installation
  • Is equipped with its own humidistat to maintain a desired level of humidity
  • Is backed by an industry leading warranty


Indoor home pollution is a health risk that should not be ignored. Unhealthy pollutants in your home can cause major health problems. House construction, furnishings and everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning all cause the air within a home to become polluted and unhealthy. A ventilation and air purifier system will clean the air in your home and help ensure a healthier living environment.